As promised, today we have a video of the meeting between the brothers, Thumper and Flapjack,and the other brothers, Tamale and Burrito Bear. We wondered if they would get along, although as a rule bear cubs are receptive to other cubs, even from different families. Through the years at ABR we’ve seen cubs from several locations and families become fast friends while they interact in the Wild Enclosures.

As expected, these four little cubs quickly accepted each other and in short order they were chasing, wrestling, climbing, and generally having a good time. You will see that little Tamale, who is much smaller than Thumper and Flapjack, is a brave and bold little cub, not afraid to “attack” the larger cubs. Curator Tori explains about their reaction to each other, while also letting the cub sounds tell us what is going on.

Now that they are together, we can look forward to more mayhem in the days ahead! Keep watching!