Another Birthday!

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Each month on the 22nd, we celebrate Cubby Birthday. ABR chose January 22nd as the official birthdate of all of our bears, because it falls in the middle of the possible dates when cubs are born. Today the eighteen cubs are 9 months old and the three yearlings are 18 months old!

Happy Birthday to all!
Dahlia, Mulberry, and Augustus are now 18 months old! A real milestone for our yearlings.
Mulberry climbs down to forage.
The Rainbow Triplets are now 9 months old! A milestone for them, too. They celebrated by wrestling – what else?
A pile of cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 – they, too, are 9 months old today!
A few of the 9-month-old cubs in Wild Enclosure #2, framed by some pretty autumn leaves.

The reason we celebrate each month is that so many cubs in the wild don’t live to see this many birthdays, so each month is special! We remember the cubs that didn’t make it this year, as well as those from previous years who were released. We hope they are doing well in the wild.