Photos of Cubs

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Today’s post is just about revisiting the cubs and yearlings at ABR to see how they are looking now. We think they look pretty great!

Dumplin’ is a handsome and chubby cub.
Harlan is also looking good, with his nose pointed to the sky.
Look at Tweetsie! She has grown so much since she arrived.
Two cubs, Harlan and Marmalade Bear, look at each other upside down.
Marmalade digs a hole.
Sassafras basks in the sunshine.
Firefly and Raven take a swim.
Raven and Firefly play in the water. The cooler temperatures do not deter them.
Downy dangles from a tree limb.
Sunflower has become a very chubby cubby!
A meeting of cubs at the pool.
A beautiful yearling, Dahlia rests in the sun.

Aren’t they a fine looking bunch of young bears? We surely think so. Stick around – there’s more fun to come.