A Lazy Day

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When autumn comes, after all the weeks of eating and stuffing themselves, the bears begin to slow down. Not that they are done eating – far from it- but they don’t eat with quite the frenzy that we saw a few weeks ago. They actually have an occasional lazy day, like this one.

The three yearlings got up, ready to start the day.
Dahlia reclines under a tree while the boys wrestle.
Mulberry and Augustus stop to check on their enclosure mate.
There were four cubs awake in Enclosure #2.
In Enclosure #1 only one cub was awake. We don’t know where the rest of them are.
Two of the Rainbow Triplets wrestle, while the third one checks out her belly.
Look at that! Aralia seems to have laid a blue egg!
False alarm – it was just an old blue ball.
Cubs just sleep where they are when the spirit moves them.
We wonder if Harlan is dreaming about eating.

About now, a nap seems like a good idea. If only we had a bear cub to snuggle with . . .