Today we have photos of all of the eight bear cubs at ABR. We’ll begin with the most recent arrival, SuBearu Bear, who had surgery yesterday to repair her broken back leg.

SuBearu at the UTCVM. Her surgery went well, but we must always be cautious about surgery on a cub, because it is so tricky. So far, so good.

She is now in the ABR Recovery Center, with the ceiling lowered to prohibit her standing.

Next “patient” is Tots, who is in the Hartley House, and is doing well (so far).

She sleeps, eats, and takes her meds. We couldn’t ask for more!

Tots is transitioning to solid food, like the other cubby residents.

Unlike a previous cub who was afraid of the Alien Artifact, a device that dispenses treats to cubs who aren’t afraid of it, Tots confronts it fearlessly.

When we move on to see the uninjured cubs, it’s nonstop activity!

This Hartley House trio are on the go constantly, except when they sleep. We think they probably dream about what mayhem they can bring about next, even when they are sleeping!

They practice their climbing where it’s not a great fall if they miss their dismount.

With access to the Acclimation Pen, they spend a lot of time outside. The arrow is pointing to another cub who is underneath, trying to remove the fire hose bumper.

They work cooperatively, trying to remove it.

They love playing in their Acclimation Pen!

They  are transitioning to solid foods, too. Looks like someone walked through their porridge!

Sitting up is an invitation for an attack.

The Swingy Ball is fun but perplexing.

When you hit it . . .

. . .It comes back to hit you! – Better duck!

What a stupid ball!