The eight cubs at ABR will be 4 months old soon!  Although they are technically the same age, they are progressing at different speeds, just like human cubs.

These three – Peeps, Casper. and Shadow, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy their outdoor space. Peeps is standing in her bath. Shadow may be challenging her, wanting to get in himself. We remember when Peeps arrived and was considered to be “fragile.” Now she holds her own with the brothers.

Peeps and Casper have a discussion of sorts.

Everyone needed  a snack.

Snack time ended quickly as the cubs returned outside to play.

Back in her bath, Peeps added some formula to the bathwater.

Then she took a sip of the bathwater/formula.

No longer fragile, Peeps attacks the larger Casper!

Casper wins the bath, and soaks his nubbin.

Tots is eating to get big and strong. Hopefully her arm is healing and she will get  a good report next time she is checked.

Tot’s neighbors in Hartley House are eating to fuel their active lifestyle.

They are the chonkiest cubs in residence – the curators estimate Jellybean at 25 pounds, and think that siblings Duke and Daisy Mae are about 15-20 pounds each. They have transitioned to solid food earlier than the others.

SuBearu is holding her own for now. We hope she continues to improve. The antibiotics and pain meds added to her Cubby Sauce (pureed berries, apples, and pears mixed with honey) should help. She loves the sauce, and along with it she enjoys Cubby Porridge, Fox Valley Bear Replacement Formula, and goat’s milk. Her diet provides calcium that she needs and is soft but nutritious.As we would expect, SuBearu sleeps a lot. She needs that.