A Very Hot Day

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We tend to assume that bears, in their black fur coats, must hate hot weather. But we’d be wrong. At least when it comes to bear cubs, they take the heat in stride, and still go on about their cubby antics – including wrestling and other contact sports.

Dumplin’ engages in a favorite cub activity – bending a sapling. This one is really bendy!
Ferdinand comes along, and the two cubs play fight.
Harlan and Sassafras climb into their drinking tub to cool off. Soon they will outgrow it.
Chickadee is foraging for peanuts. At least she’s in the shade.
Sunflower has found some peanuts to munch.
Flicker is nestled into a snug napping place in the woodpile.
Sparks Bear can always be depended upon to show us how to nap.
Sunflower and Firefly investigate the culvert den.
Sunflower Bear tried out the platform at night.
Tweetsie and Dumplin’ take a snooze to recharge their batteries.

They may not be tearing around on a hot day, but they still keep busy. They are working on their “job,” which is to eat and chubbify and grow strong.