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We have updates on a few of the ABR bears today and will have others next time. We start in Wild Enclosure #4, where Sparks Bear, our yearling, has been residing since his arrival in May. The new yearling, Mulberry, is in the Acclimation Pen now, and Sparks wants to stay as far away as possible.

Sparks is hiding in the foliage near the Firehose Hammock.
Sparks is far from the Acclimation Pen, although he used to forage quite near it.
After visiting the new area of the enclosure, Sparks found the remains of the old swingy ball and brought it back to his resting place.
Two traps have been set up in the enclosure, in hopes of catching Sparks for his workup and release back to the wild.
The new yearling, Mulberry, who has caused such alarm for Sparks, is in the Acclimation Pen where he can look out at Wild Enclosure #4.

Our next stop is the Hartley House, to check on Chicory and Clover, the two cubs who are next door neighbors.

Chicory seems to like her culvert den.
Clover sleeps but not on her bed. She played with her ball during the night.
Clover is quite the climber. She’s as high as she can get.

Stay tuned to see if/when Sparks is caught and to follow up on the rest of these stories, as well as stories of the rest of the ABR ursine population.