Two New Bears!

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This is turning into a very busy bear year for ABR! On July 18th, we received not one, but two newbies. Bear #315 is a female COY (cub-of-the-year) almost six months old from Kentucky. She is nicknamed Clover Bear and is from Harlan, KY but is no relation to our KY cub, Harlan. Clover is underweight but otherwise seems healthy. She weighs less than 10 pounds and will be housed in Room #3 of Hartley House, next door to Chicory Bear.

Bear #316 is a male yearling from Sevier County, TN. He was observed by locals who reported him to TWRA. Nicknamed Mulberry Bear, the yearling weighs 31.8 pounds and will be in Acclimation Pen #4 until he finishes his worm meds.

Meet the newest ABR rescues for 2020: #315 Clover and #316 Mulberry Bear.

It seems that this is becoming a very busy year for ABR. It’s a good thing that the curators were able to accomplish as much of the building and fixing as they did early in the year, even though the yearlings from last year were still with us, due to the COVID 19 travel restrictions.

Our yearling Sparks Bear will soon be ready to go back into the wild, but we will still have 13 cubs and 1 (new) yearling. Lots of fun ahead! Keep in touch.