Tartan and Taco Bear

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Tartan Bear, the yearling, has switched his sleeping place recently. Instead of sleeping on the resting platform, he is now choosing to sleep up in a tree. It’s his choice – no one tells him where to sleep (or when) so he does as he pleases.


This shot gives us a good idea of where Tartan is residing. He came down to forage before going to bed. The safety corridor is where the curators walk to throw the food over the fence for him to find.


Tartan begins his ascent to his chosen sleeping place.


Tartan is strong, and is a very good climber.


He reached his destination quickly!


He’s hard to find within the foliage, but the arrow points him out. He slept for a long time.


In the morning, when he came down to eat, he attacked a sapling! Shame, Tartan!


In the Hartley House, Taco Bear was wrestling one of his Not Taco bears. The change of diet (to puppy chow) seems to have worked. His scats are solid again.



The curators are relieved and are going to gradually reintroduce his regular bear foods, making sure that each one is tolerated by his digestive system.


Taco loves to wrestle his stuffies,


If he’s not wrestling, he plays with his swingy ball. He’s a good little bear!

It’s easy to see that Tartan and Taco Bear are doing well. They are both thriving at ABR. Keep watching for more updates.