Never a Dull Moment

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The three little bear cubs currently residing in the Hartley House at ABR are a lively and energetic bunch. They keep the curators on their toes, trying to keep the cubs supplied with food choices and enrichment activities. The most recent enrichment was the pool that Curator Coy set up in one of the rooms.

This is the Pool Room at Hartley House!
Like the other rooms, it must be cleaned and sanitized. Curator Janet is on duty.
When she is finished the pool and room are pristine.
Barley Bear inspects her work.
Barley shows his approval by leaving a tip.
Uh-oh! The cubs are on the move! What now?
Hops and Barley disagree about possession of the ball.
Barley triumphs and kicks Hops out.
The ball belongs to Barley (for now).
There is a brief moment of calm.
The moment doesn’t last very long.
Suddenly, the Zoomies strike !
Hey guys, wait for me!

There’s no telling what mischief, mayhem, and chaos will occur next. Stay tuned.