Our yearling bears are housed in three different places at ABR. Lovey, who just had his surgery at the UTCVM to repair his broken femur, is in the Red Roof Recovery Center, where the lowered ceiling prevents him from climbing. Lovey is spending most of his time sleeping, with some eating in between his naps.

The two Christmas Yearlings are in Wild Enclosure #3, where they spend a good bit of time sleeping in their culvert den or in their favorite tree, and then they forage.

Finally, we have Nettles Bear, who is in Wild Enclosure #4. She does the same thing – alternating between sleeping (in her tree) and foraging. These activities are right on track for little bears who would be hibernating if they were still in the wild. We think you will enjoy the video, even if it the bears aren’t as active as earlier in the year.

We are sure that you will enjoy this video of our yearlings!