Yearling cub #9 by the name of Eleanor

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Yes, it’s true – we have just admitted the 9th yearling of the year, a female who has been named Eleanor.

She is not as tiny as the most recent arrivals, like Hardy and Challenger, but at 20 pounds she is still underweight and will need the supplements and good food that is being provided for the others.

Eleanor has moved into the crib with Ripley, Mackie, and Peek and, as colder weather is predicted, they will undoubtedly become very cozy and snuggle together in a culvert-den.  We’ll post photos of this foursome when we receive them.

Meanwhile, since we now have a record 25 yearlings spending the winter at ABR, we are issuing a plea once again for any amount that you can afford to help with their care.

We’ve mentioned the Townsend Village Market IGA where you can purchase gift certificates for our curator to use when she purchases the needed items including Pedialyte, yogurt, grapes, carrots and other produce that are vital to the feeding of these little orphan bears.

We could not help them without your help, and we thank you for caring!