What’s Up?

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It’s another day in the ABR life of our 2023 yearlings. As usual, we can report that they are doing well. Good news!

Nettles was up in her tree, where she still seems to like to sleep. We think it would be good if she chose a sturdier branch, but have to trust that she knows what she’s doing in her own bear way.

Apparently she got hunger pangs, and climbed down to forage.

Nettles went to the far side of her enclosure to snack on peanuts, pecans, and Mazouri bear diet pellets. The pellets can only be offered when it’s not raining, but they are full of the nutrients that little bears need.

In the Acclimation Pen for the enclosure next door, Mistletoe examines the door where he has worked to remove and shred the tarp.

He and his sister did a good job of shredding. Now they can see out and the sunlight comes pouring in.

Nothing more to do here. The siblings leave the pen to find other projects to occupy their time.

Lovey enjoys the Alien Artifact! We remember when Taco Bear was afraid of it during his stay in the Hartley House.

Would you be able to tell which bear is the real one (without the help of the arrow)?

It’s rather remarkable that HRH Rover is so active. Here he’s going from one room to the other. He also plays with all of his toys.

Although he’s active and engaged, he still needs lots of sleep and rest. Here he is, on one of his beds, taking another nap. Good bear!