ABR Bear #369!

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Yet another malnourished yearling bear has been rescued by TWRA and brought to ABR for care! Last weekend (March 4-5) residents in a community in Townsend, where ABR is located, observed a very small bear wandering about. They reported it to TWRA, and after several days, the little bear was trapped on Wednesday and transported to ABR.

It is another male yearling, very underweight at 8-10 pounds (he should weigh between 40 and 50 pounds as a yearling) so it is apparent that he has been on his own for a while. Because he was found locally, his nickname is Townsend Bear.

It took several days for TWRA to capture this little bear. They had to bait the trap each morning and open it, removing the bait, at night.

Townsend Bear was placed in the Hartley House, in a room adjacent to HRH Rover Bear.

The tiny bear was exhausted, and slept through the night on a soft bed, with a stuffed friend, Not a Polar Bear.

Watch for more news of Townsend, after he has his exam at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.