Rollo - Otto

What Are They Doing Today?

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Rollo - Otto

As usual, Rollo and Otto Bear were foraging.


This “nubbin” view of Rollo shows how much he is growing. Bears carry weight in their hind end.


Otto walks around the edge of the pool. Bears drink lots of water during hyperphagia.

Otto and Rollo

That’s enough. Up the tree they go to take a nap.


They settle into their “bunk beds,” one above and the other below.


Hush now – Rollo is sleeping.


How relaxed and comfortable can a cub be?

Apollo was eating his food and moving around in his pen.


Apollo is eating well.

Curator David saw him interacting with Charley Bear.  This was the first time he was observed actually interacting.  David snapped a photo, but it’s a bit blurry.


This blurry image shows Apollo interacting with the stuffed Charley Bear.

The fact that Apollo interacted with his stuffed companion was good in the he is becoming more alert and interested in his surroundings.  This is progress.