Apollo Sees the Outdoors!

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Ever since Apollo Bear arrived at ABR on August 19th, after being hit by a car, he has been inside the Red Roof Recovery Center.  The pen is designed to prevent injured cubs from climbing and possibly hurting themselves again.  When Curator David went to clean out his pen, Apollo was standing on his hind legs.  This was a first for the cub since he came to ABR and Curator David took it as a sign that Apollo was ready for a new experience.  He opened the sliding door into the outdoor Acclimation Pen, which has a lowered ceiling like the indoor pen.  Apollo went out and for the first time since his arrival he was out where he could see and smell the outdoors.  David took advantage of the opportunity to thoroughly clean and sanitize the pen for the cub’s return.


Otto was outside! He paced a bit and sniffed the air.


He can’t climb but he can walk around, which he did.

When he returned to the clean indoor pen, Apollo took advantage of the fresh food that David had placed there.  This little cub is making good progress.  He will have further chances to visit the Acclimation Pen in days to come.

In the Wild Enclosure, Otto and Rollo moved out of the oak tree that had been their favorite place.  They chose to climb a sweet gum tree that is at least 50 feet tall.  And, being cubs, they climbed very high in that tree.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo and Otto hanging out in their new, taller tree.


These two cubs are daredevils. It is nerve-wracking for the humans watching them.

The cubs are practicing the skills they will need when they are back in the wild.  If only they had a little compassion for their worried caretakers!