Now that our three biggest yearlings have returned to the wild, let’s take a look at the rest of the bears who are still at ABR.

HoneyBunny forages after dark and late into the night


Her curiosity leads her to climb up the tree where the Tire Bridge is anchored.

Like many cubs and yearlings before her, HoneyBunny samples the delicious Tire Water!

We just know it was delicious!

She slept high in a tree, rather than on her ground nest.

Townsend seemed to sprout out of the foliage.

We’re glad that Townie is eating a lot. He needs to gain weight and overcome his scruffy look. He eats when his roommate, HoneyBunny, is not around.

He takes a sip of water.

Rover has an entire enclosure to himself. Everything is his!

He is beginning to look like the prince that he is! Scruffiness is going away.

Lovey huffed and blew at the tub, to show his displeasure.

He got an apple, but didn’t like getting wet.

He pulled on the tub.

Then he pushed on it. No luck, but the curators were glad to see him standing on his hind legs! A good sign!

All that exertion tired him out! Lovey fell asleep!

Little cubbie Thumper is doing well so far. We hope he continues to thrive.