We have been looking forward to our injured yearling, Lovey Bear, who arrived just before Valentine’s Day (hence his name) finally being able to go outdoors again. We’re pretty sure he was looking forward to it, also, though we’ve been very impressed by his patience and willingness to be confined for such a long time – it was actually 66 days!

In preparation, Curators Tom and Cole got the Cubby Pool ready, and cleaned out for Lovey Bear.

Lovey had a last nap in the Hartley House.

Curators Reagan and Cole carried Lovey out.

They stopped to weigh the yearling. Lovey weighs 50.27 pounds!

Curator Reagan lifts the gate.

And out comes Lovey!

It’s been a long time since he felt the sun and wind in his fur.

Go. Lovey! He took off right away!

Up a tree he went, climbing without any difficulty. Good Bear!

Thumper, the cub, in The Cub Nursery.

He is eating Bear milk replacement formula and pear baby food, which he likes!

Here’s an unusual sight – HoneyBunny and Townsend Bear are both in the same tree! What next?! Will their truce last? Stay tuned!