Despite the rain, today HoneyBunny Bear was released into Wild Enclosure #2. She had made it clear that she wanted OUT of the confined space in The Cub House! When a little bear is that anxious to get out, the curators feel that it is counterproductive to impose confinement any longer, so she got her wish.

She was urged to enter the carrier, so that she could be moved.

As usual, there was a stop in the release staging area to weigh her. On April 3, when she arrived, she weighed 9.4 pounds. Today her weight was 13 pounds, a slow gain in the five days, but still only one-fourth of what she should weigh.

She wasted no time in getting outside!

As the saying goes, she was quick as a bunny!

She started to explore the enclosure.

She has yet to meet the other resident, Townsend Bear.

Nettles, in Enclosure #4, was climbing her tree.

And Rover sits on his platform, looking around.

His fur is growing back! Look at the difference!

Rover is doing well on his road to recovery.

Townsend, before HoneyBunny entered his world.

Townie is a curious little bear, and seems relatively calm. That is why his enclosure was chosen for HoneyBunny. Hopefully they will get along, or simply ignore one another.

He needs to do some chubbifying!

It was good that Lovey Bear was finally able to move into the Hartley House!

After preventing him from standing and climbing, now the curators are doing the opposite. They are putting treats up where he must stand to reach them. They want to make sure that he has the strength he needs to stand and even walk on those hind legs.