ABR doesn’t have any bunnies (except the occasional visitor) but we have our newest resident, HoneyBunny Bear, who is in the Wild Enclosure #2 now, as we reported yesterday.

We don’t know where she is sleeping, but this morning she was out and about, foraging.

We are glad to see her eating, since she needs to put on weight!

Her roommate, Townsend, came down from his tree.

He didn’t approach too close to where HoneyBunny was eating.

It almost seemed that he was a bit irritated. For her part, HoneyBunny ignored Townsend completely.

In his enclosure, Rover slept in his usual daybed.

There is no drama in his enclosure.

He is looking like a sturdy little bear.

Handsome profile!

Lovey Bear, now in Hartley House, will go outside soon.

Peppermint practices her morning yoga moves.

The siblings seem very close. It’s hard to believe that they won’t stay together after their release, but they probably won’t.

Mistletoe has turned into a fine-looking yearling bear. He’s ready!

Spring foliage had unfurled. Nettles looks off of her platform at the leaves and greenery.

The Passive Capture process has begun. Food and water are now placed in the Acclimation Pens to make it easier to capture the yearlings when it’s time for their return to the wild. Stay tuned!