Sola on August 8

The Cubs of Wild Enclosure 3

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There are currently four cubs in Wild Enclosure 3.  Aster will join them as soon as she is deemed to be ready. Today we look at the current residents, starting with Sola.  We will jog your memory (or introduce you to her) by showing how she looked when she arrived on August 8th, after her mother and brother were killed by a truck on Interstate 81.

Sola on August 8

Sola on August 8th, when she arrived at ABR.

Now, by way of contrast, look at Sola today! She has been eating well and is becoming a healthy, chubby bear!

Sola today

Sola relaxes on a branch.


Sola has grown a lot in two months.

She watches the other cubs as they forage on the ground.


Sola keeps an eye on the other cubs.

Marvin, Noli, Carter

Marvin, Noli and Carter Bear forage.

As we can see, the cubs have done significant damage to the vegetation in the Wild Enclosure.  Bear cubs are very hard on our enclosures!