ABR 2016 Calendar – and Two Comfy Cubs

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Appalachian Bear Rescue has printed a cub calendar for 2016!  If you would like to have a cute bear cub-of-the-month to enjoy next year, you can order one by sending a check (the calendar is $20, with $5 s/h – total $25).  Send your check to Appalachian Bear Rescue Calendar, P.O. Box 364, Townsend. TN 37882.  Here is what your calendar will look like.


ABR Calendar for 2016.

Our first “comfy cub” is Charley B, who is snoozing in the underbrush. A month or two ago the cubs snoozed in trees, often very high up in a tree.  Now, because of hyperphagia they are spending much more time on the ground where the food is.  However, they are ever alert and respond to a perceived danger or threat by scrambling up the nearest tree.  We might say, in human terms, they are “sleeping with one eye open.”  In the wild, they must be constantly aware of their surroundings.

 Charley B

Charley B is well disguised as he snoozes in the undergrowth.

Our second comfy cub is Pansy, resting on the ever-popular stump in her Wild Enclosure.  We’ve seen this stump utilized by most of the cubs at one time or another.  Not long ago, the stump could accommodate 3 cubs at once!  Not any more – in fact, it won’t be long before not even 1 cub will fit on it comfortably.


Pansy Bear relaxes on the stump.

So the major activities these days for the cubs are eating and resting or snoozing.  Quite a change from the summer when they spent a lot of time wrestling and playing!