The Cubs of Wild Enclosure #1

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On January 13, 2023 the four chonky cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 were given their second chance at a wild life when they were released back into the wild. We had watched as they foraged and grew plump, then added more weight until they appeared to be the chubbiest, chonkiest cubs in residence. The release video will show how correct we were in our estimate. It details the story of the three triplets (Nessie, Highland, and Piper) and the solo cub, Angus, who joined them in their enclosure. All four of the cubs gave us many hours of delightful viewing as they played, tussled, and grew during the months they spent at ABR.

These releases mark the end of the current returns to the wild, although as you probably realize, there are still four more cubs at ABR. The Christmas cubs (Peppermint, Mistletoe, and CranBeary) and little Nettles are being given more time to grow and gain weight before being released into the wild. Nettles now has Wild Enclosure #4 all to herself, after the release of the Fight Club girls. And for the Christmas cubs, they will have a Wild Enclosure to themselves as soon as it is prepared for them. So we’ll have more cubby antics to enjoy – stay tuned!