The Four Cubs

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After all the recent releases, the cub population at ABR is down to just four. Nettles Bear is in Wild Enclosure #4, and we are quite sure she is happy to have it to herself; and the triplet Christmas cubs are still in the Hartley House, although they will soon be outside. Nettles is much braver now, with the fearsome Fight Club girls gone. She is coming down from her tree and doing more exploring.

This was almost at daybreak. We are expecting that before long she will be down in daylight!

Nettles is a stocky little cub with short legs like a corgi dog. She has gained weight since her arrival.

Since we don’t get to see her when it’s daytime, we asked an AI image generator to give us an image of a stocky little cub with corgi legs. Here is the result:

Cute, but definitely not our Nettles! We’ll wait until we can get a real daylight picture of her!

The Christmas cubs sleep on their beds! Good bears!

They are growing – look at CranBeary!

The curators are working to get an enclosure ready for the three Christmas cubs. Stay tuned to see them go outside!