All of us may feel like snoozing in this hot weather, but bear cubs are masters of the art of snoozing (napping, slumbering, etc) Today we have some pictures that illustrate that fact.

Exhibit 1 – in the Wild Enclosures, the cubs sleep on their platform.

Look at all the little bear feet!

Roommates puff and SuBearu snooze on the floor and in the cedar shavings in their pool.

They turn over and shift position just like we do.

This must be comfy. Look at the rounding belly – good cub!

A good pillow.

Guess the pillow got tired.

Ooh! a nice stretch!

What will tomorrow bring?

Peeps is practicing for the Cubby Olympics! Great form!

Proof that there is plenty of food – look at all the bowls!

Stick around to see what happens next!