It has been hot here in Townsend, and the cubs have their own methods for cooling off.

Peeps takes a drink from the Cubby Pool. She just might go in it, too!

But instead, she goes into the shade to enjoy a snack.

She and her friends explore the entire Wild Enclosure #4 by following their noses.

In Enclosure #1, Daisy Mae and her brother, Duke, take a dip in their pool.

Tots and Jackie P have a big tub of water in the Acclimation Pen.

Their cooled room in Hartley House is stocked with food and a climbing structure.

Sometimes, they choose their own bowls instead of squabbling over one.

Little Puff has a nice chest blaze!

SuBearu still shows her blue eyes. They haven’t yet darkened to brown.

You may wonder about the chest blaze. About 1 in 4 black bears have white fur (blazes) on their chests. So it’s not common, but not terribly unusual. ABR has had a few cubs with blazes through the years. Perhaps the most distinctive was Nessie in the Class of 22.

Nessie had a large chest blaze that was referred to as a necklace!