Rufus and Beaufort

Snoozing Cubs

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We have focused on the most recent arrivals in the latest posts, so this time we’ll share some photos of the cubs in Wild Enclosures.  They are spending quite a bit of time snoozing in trees, as they wind down and get ready to find dens.  They are still busy eating between naps.  When they feel that they have gained enough weight to go through the winter without eating, they will likely select a den site.  There are several potential dens in each enclosure – man made (from culverts) or natural (like hollow logs) that have been enhanced to attract the cubs.

Two of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 1 are shown in this photo.

Rufus and Beaufort

Rufus and Beaufort Bear get ready to take a nap.

Two more of the Wild Enclosure 1 cubs share another tree.

Flora and Tiny Tim

Flora and Tiny Tim Bear snoozing in a tree.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure 2 have put on a bit more weight.  Here are three of those cubs.

Pumpkin, Gamble, Chestnut

Pumpkin, Gamble, and Chestnut Bear share a limb on this tree.

All the cubs are doing well and we look forward to seeing the smallest cubs in their own Wild Enclosure soon.