Cub 238

ABR Cub #238 Arrives!

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The TWRA officers brought yet another orphaned, needy cub to ABR.  Cub #238 is nicknamed Otis Bear.  He is larger than the most recent arrivals, weighing about half what a normal, eleven-month-old cub should weigh, but he still needs the intervention of ABR to help him through the winter.  The only photo we have now is this one of Otis on the exam table at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, where he was taken for the usual checkup.  We’ll be able to post the results of his exam when we have them.

Cub 238

Cub #238 – Otis Bear.

We can see that he has the lanky, all legs look of a couple of the recent arrivals.  His fur is not sleek and thick like that of a healthy bear, but hopefully all he needs is sufficient food and time to recover in a safe environment – in other words, just what ABR offers!