Releases today!

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This was a BIG day at ABR. Eight TWRA officers in 6 trucks arrived this morning and began to evaluate the yearlings for potential release.  It didn’t take long for them to decide that there are many of our bears that have reached the necessary weights.

First to be worked up for release was Ripley.  She came in on January 23, weighing 20 pounds.  Today she weighs 63 pounds, and is on her way to freedom!

Next was Peek (came in on December 15, 2011 at 12-15 pounds) and  now weighs 55 pounds.

Mackie, who also arrived on December 15 weighing 12-15 pounds, weighs 60 pounds today.

The next bears to be loaded on a truck were Grayson (arrival date November 7) who weighs 56 pounds now; Gracie (arrival date November 8) weighing 88 pounds; and Autumn (arrival date November 19) at 78 pounds.

We don’t have the arrival weights of those three bears of 2011.

The last bear in this group was Hardy, who weighed just 12 pounds on February 3 when he was admitted.  Today he goes to his new, wild home weighing 61 pounds!

You can tell that each and every one of these little yearlings have eaten well during their stay at ABR.  They are going out at a time when the officers believe they will be able to find natural foods to continue their growth.  We wish them well in this next adventure in their lives as wild bears.