Yesterday, the curators raised the gate between Enclosures 1 and 2, so that the cubs could enjoy the lush greenery in #2. You may recall that Tots was left behind in Enclosure 1. Today, the plan was to have all five cubs in #2, and then close the gate. As you will see, it took some doing.

Tots decided it was safe in the evening, and crossed into Enclosure 2.

But her best friend, Jackie P, returned to find Tots.

A hot mess! Tots is in #2 and the rest of the cubs are back in #1!

At last! Everyone is in Wild Enclosure #1, where they slept on the platform.

They woke up to start the day in their new home.

Jackie really loved the firehose hammock.

Oh no! They are back in #1 again! They spent the rest of the day running between the two enclosures. Hopefully, they will all be in #2 before night, so the curators can close the gate again. We’ll see…….

In The Recovery Center, SuBearu and Puff are enjoying their Acclimation Pen.Hopefully they will be patient a while longer.

Look at this! The Triple Play siblings (Homer, Diamond, and Champ) are in a cubby pile with Sundae! Looks like they are friends!

In Wild Enclosure #4 Casper and Shadow wrestle.

They are actually visible, which is a welcome change.

Peeps wants to join in.

Something (probably a noise) caused them to go on alert. Soon they all ran into the underbrush.