Now that there are five cubs in Enclosure #1, the curators decided that it needs a rest, and that likewise, the cubs need more greenery.

Enclosure #1 has become a virtual desert, with most of the underbrush gone.

The cubs were foraging through the leafless trees.

Curators Tom and Jamie worked to open the gate between Enclosure # 1 and Enclosure #2.

Success! The gate is up!

From their platform, the cubs saw that something was happening, but they didn’t know what.

Tom scattered food in Enclosure #2.

All ready – now they wait for the cubs to venture into Enclosure #2.

This area has much more greenery.

There are new trees for the cubs to climb.

Jellybean wanted to eat breakfast first.

The others were more interested in eating, too.

Finally Duke saw the open gate, but didn’t want to go through it.

Jellybean was the first brave cub to enter the new enclosure.

Curator Tom had spread peanut butter on a springy tree and hung grapes on a branch!

One cub climbed.

Then another cub followed, and the springy tree went over! What fun!

We’re sure they will be happier with more underbrush, more trees, and other amenities (like the springy tree). But the gate will stay open for a while. Tots climbed a tree when the activity started, and she is still in Enclosure #1. We think that her buddy, Jackie P, will encourage her to join the rest of the gang. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.