When siblings Puddin’ and Caramel came to ABR, they were expected to go outside into a Wild Enclosure as soon as they finished their deworming regimen, but Puddin’ had some issues that caused him to stay longer in the Hartley House. He was given additional meds until he was deemed ready to join his sister and the other two cubs in Enclosure #1. Strangely, he didn’t rush out the door, but actually fell asleep instead!

Puddin’ fell asleep by the open door!

After he woke up, he headed for the door.

He was glad to be out and to see the trees.

Out he went.

The other three cubs were relaxing.

Panic! A new cub has entered the picture!

The other cubs went up trees. Puddin’ was bold – he marched right in.

Puddin’ explored.

He decided to meet the brothers.

Puddin’ climbed up on the resting platform, but Cricket and Sprout retreated.

The brothers weren’t ready to befriend the new cub.

Puddin’ went down to forage for awhile.

He still hadn’t made contact with his sister, Caramel.

Meanwhile, Turnip Bear has more room now, in the Hartley House.

He will return to UTCVM for a recheck of the hairline fracture of his jaw. Then, hopefully, he will be able to join the others in a Wild Enclosure. Stay tuned.