All of the ABR cubs are doing well. We visited each of the locations where the cubs are currently residing, and here is what we found.

The pretty Caramel is relaxing in her enclosure. She has insisted on making friends with Cricket and Sprout, who were in the enclosure before her.

Recently, her brother, Puddin’, joined the group. He marched in as though he owned the place!

Sprout wasn’t too sure about this newcomer, but Puddin’ won him over.

Cricket, Sprout’s brother, had no choice but to accept Puddin’.

Crime alert! One of the four cubs has murdalized a sapling!

Thumper is definitely the biggest of all the cubs now!

He shows off by chomping on the tree trunk.

The six mischief-makers in Enclosure #3 are staying in the undergrowth where it is a bit cooler. It’s been very hot lately!

Doodlebug dangles to keep cool. Look how high she has climbed! Good progress!

Turnip is in Hartley House, but he is eating more solid foods and will soon be able to go out with the rest of the cubby tribe.

Something happens every day, so be sure to check back!