The Knoxville Zoo has donated a very special work of art for the ABR 2012 Bearly-Edibles and Auction!  One of their black bears has created a beautiful painting for our auction!  Here is a picture of the painting.  You can see more of our auction items and learn more about this important fund-raising event by clicking here.  This will take you to the home page of our website, where there are links to the auction items, the musicians who will play at the event, and more.  What makes this painting extra-special is that the bear who painted it was once an ABR bear.  Unfortunately, she had been a “pet” for the first months of life, and when she was confiscated from her “owner,” she was too habituated and humanized to relearn wild behavior.  The Knoxville Zoo was looking for another bear for their Black Bear Falls exhibit, and they were happy to take her.  Now we feel that she is giving back to other cubs in need through her painting that will be part of our auction.