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November is a month for bears to slow down.  Having eaten great quantities of food for the past couple of months, their metabolism begins to slow down in anticipation of their winter sleep that is just around the corner.  The ABR cubs are following the pattern.  They are still eating, but not at all as ravenously as just a few weeks ago, and they are spending more time resting in daybeds on the ground.  They aren’t climbing their favorite tree to nap.  Maybe climbing takes too much energy – we don’t know, but the photos today revolve around a daybed that they were using  when the curator first sighted them.


This is the daybed where the cubs were napping.

Rollo and Otto

Rollo has found a pear. Otto looks in the pool.

Otto - Rollo

Otto is not impressed. He turns away. Rollo is eating his pear.

Otto - Rollo

Otto finds another pear to eat.  Apollo is still in the daybed.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo and Otto eating.


Otto sees another pear.


Otto tastes it but then leaves it and moves away.


Apollo moves just enough to get the pear that Otto left.

We can see that the cubs are slowing down.  Although they are still enjoying their food, they are much less focused on the act of eating.