Eat and Explore

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The ABR cubs are becoming rounder and rounder.  It has been said they resemble furry bowling balls.  Their energy ebbs and flows – at times they are hardly moving and at other times they do some exploring of things in their enclosure.  Today we see them exploring the old capture pen that was left after Summitt Bear was released.  We also see that Otto and Rollo enter the Acclimation Pen and subsequently leave it.  You may recall that we reported that the curators are leaving the door open and putting some of their food inside, in hopes that they will become used to going in and out, and will be easier to capture when the time for release comes.


Apollo – moving, but not in any hurry.


Apollo checks out the old capture pen.

Three cubs

The three cubs by the old capture pen.

Apollo - Otto

Apollo and Otto Bear foraging.

Since bears eat so much food during this time of hyperphagia they must also drink copious amounts of water.  The Cubby Pool, refreshed each day, is a good source.


Rollo Bear rests after having a drink.

Otto - Rollo

Otto and Rollo Bear by the Cubby Pool.


Rollo and Otto Bear explore the Acclimation Pen, probably grabbing a snack.

Eat – drink – rest – repeat.  That is the daily schedule for the cubs at this time.  Not bad!