Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway

New Cub Photos

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Although these may look like the same photos you’ve seen before, they are actually new ones.  First we see Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway, who are now a bit more equal, in that Bonnie Blue is giving Ridgeway’s ears a rest.  As we said before, the ear-sucking was like a pacifier for her, and it got so Ridgeway didn’t mind.  But now she is not in need of the “pacifier” and he is happy with that.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway, up high as usual.

Next up is Marvin, who is still very picky about his food.  He loves the applesauce and yogurt but still doesn’t care for the bear diet pellets.  This is a concern, because the pellets are full of nutrients he needs, and he can’t go into the Wild Enclosure until he is on solid food only (pellets are a big part of that).. The curators can’t throw yogurt and applesauce over the fence!


Marvin still eats well, but only when it’s his favorite foods.

Finally, here is the latest photo of Woody – he is behaving as a wild yearling should and trying to keep very much out of the curator’s sight.

Woody in tree

Here’s Woody! He’s hard to see, isn’t he?