Woody in tree

Cub News and Photo of Woody

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Cub News is that Curator Coy reunited the three cubs.  He set up a trail cam to monitor how the reintroduction was going after Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway were moved into the acclimation pen where Marvin has been residing.  The good news is that Marvin defended “his” pen, even keeping Ridgeway from entering the culvert den at one point.  More good news is that all three cubs were eating, including Marvin, who was not intimidated or prevented from getting his share.

Because he wants to stay completely away and let the three cubs bond without distraction, Coy was only able to get a photo of the elusive Woody Bear, reclining in a tree in the Wild Enclosure.  Here is that photo.

Woody in tree

Woody is more visible in the tree than he has been, but he still hides.