Making Progress

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Tartan Bear is making progress at ABR as he continues to explore and learn about his enclosure. We have seen him eating, and have seen that he is putting on weight as a result! Good bear! In the last couple of days, he has also taken a bath, slept on the resting platform, and played!

He is sleeping in different locations, too, when the weather has cooled into the 30s recently he chose to sleep in his grass daybed instead of up in the tree.

We imagine that the grass on the ground is warmer than the breezy tree limb.
Daytime camera shows what appears to be a stuffed teddy bear in the grass.
How comfy! A picture of contentment.
Ooh stretch! Paws in the air like he don’t care!
His first demonstration of play behavior – swatting at the greenery and then at the stump.
Tartan got into The Drinking Tub. Was he going to take a bath?
Yes! That’s just what he did! It’s interesting to see little bears choose this small tub over the bigger Cubby Pool. We’ve seen several do just that.
After his bath, Tartan took a nap in his daybed.

The curators are pleased to see Tartan Bear making this progress. These are big steps in his development and show he is increasingly comfortable in his enclosure. Although it is a temporary residence for him, we want him to be as comfortable as possible while he is here.