It’s Cubby Birthday!

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If you are a follower of ABR you probably know that every month on the 22nd we celebrate another Cubby Birthday. We designated January 22nd as the “official” birthday of every cub and yearling bear that comes to us. This date is approximately in the middle of possible birth dates, which are from mid January to mid February.

Today our yearling is 17 months old, and the ten cubs are 5 months old! Here they are:

Tiny Chicory Bear is 5 months old.
Ferdinand, our Kentucky bear, is 5 months old.
Tweetsie Bear is 5 months old.
Tweetsie’s brother, water-loving Dumplin’ is 5 months old.
5-month-old Raven Bear poses with an apple.
Chickadee, Raven’s sister, poses with peanuts. She’s 5 months old.
One of the triplets, Flicker snoozes. He is 5 months old.
A second triplet, Firefly, doesn’t do too well with gravity. She is 5 months old.
The third 5-month-old triplet is Downy. She is totally relaxed.
Sunflower has only been with us for three days. She is 5 months old.

And we mustn’t forget our yearling. Sparks is 17 months old now!

Sparks is hidden, except for his long legs. A typical leggy yearling!

So there you have it – the cubs and yearling in the ABR class of 2020! We think they look very good, every single one of them!