And in Wild Enclosure #1. . .

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After seeing the acrobatic skills of Firefly Bear in Enclosure #2, we thought we would check with the cubs in Enclosure #1. But first, a last look at the busy little cubs in Enclosure #2 continuing to play on and around their Tire Bridge. They really seem to like it.

A rare photo with all five of the cubs in one shot!

Now on to Wild Enclosure #1 –

The three cubs slept together on the platform.
Ferdinand Bear wrestles with a stick.
He shifts his attention to the leftover planks from the platform.
Oh yum! Ferdinand finds some tasty insects under the planks.
Nothing like insects for a cub’s snacking.
After his good snack, Ferdinand leaves the area. We can see he sports a fashionable peanut shell fascinator on his nubbin.

We must also take a look at our yearling in Enclosure #4 –

Sparks Bear sleeps in his favorite spot on his platform.

That completes our report on the cubs for this time. Now that we have ten cubs along with our solitary yearling, there will be more to report next time.