Myrtle is showing herself to be a brave little cub, despite her rough start. She is deciding when and how to introduce herself to the other cubs in Wild Enclosure #3.

Not to be too forward, Myrtle slept in a tree overlooking the resting platform.

The four cubs took their time about settling down. They played quite a bit first. Taco played with the swingy ball until one of the others tackled him.

At last, they piled on the resting platform to sleep.

It was crowded, so one smart cub moved to another part of the platform.

In the morning, Myrtle appeared. Taco was playing with the ball again.

Myrtle came over to visit.

She tried out the Tire Bridge.

She walked on the resting platform.

The four Ts were curious about the new girl.

Taco is the investigator. Myrtle climbs a tree.

Myrtle jumps to another tree! Another cub did this a few days ago!

Taco climbs to visit Myrtle.

The other cubs lose interest.

Myrtle climbs, Taco follows, Thistle observes from a nearby tree.

Myrtle is making progress with her introduction to the group. Soon they will be a “gang of five!”