Update on Myrtle

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Since being released into Wild Enclosure #3, Myrtle has stayed in her corner of the enclosure.

She looks a little lonely there, so we hope it won’t be long before the other cubs make friends with her.

The other four cubs are keeping their distance, but may be watching her from afar.

What’s this? Looks like another cub has come to call!

Myrtle climbs up her tree.

A few minutes later, both cubs came down.

Myrtle is a bit wary, but she bravely goes back to foraging. Good bear!

So it still seems that the four T cubs stay on one side of the enclosure while Myrtle stays on the other side.

The camera noted that the four Ts slept on the resting platform.

The camera caught one cub as he/she jumped from one tree to another! We never knew they did this before we had the security cams!

Whew! Thank goodness it was a safe landing!

Thistle is finding that the tires on the Tire Bridge have shrunk (or did he gain weight?)

To end on a peaceful note, here is Heather, seen through the monocular attachment on the curator’s cellphone. We can see that our yearling has plumped up nicely!