India Bear in the Wild Enclosure

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The three cubs who were already residing in Wild Enclosure #4 (Prost, Cheers, and Bourbon) have been keeping their distance from the new girl (India). That is not at all unusual, and is the pattern more often than not, when a new cub is introduced.

India is also keeping her distance from the others. It may take a few days for them to associate with each other. Their night vision is very good, and of course their sense of smell is excellent.
She takes a long drink from the Cubby Pool.
Prost, Cheers, and Bourbon are nowhere to be seen by the camera.
India is in hyperphagia, just like the other cubs, so she forages in the dark.
Here are the other three cubs. We can see how well their black fur hides them in the shadows.
This photo is edited so that the cubs are more easily seen.

Over in Wild Enclosure #3, the other four cubs (Hops, Lemon Drop, Barley, and Cosmo) have been using their resting platforms more recently. In addition to the increased food intake, fall and hyperphagia causes bears to become less active.

Resting cubs in Wild Enclosure #3.
Lemon Drop Bear has to rest up from her foraging.
Barley and Hops check out the safety log and the pool. Maybe they are thinking of taking a swim.
Nope! A wrestling match seems like a better idea!

And so it goes at ABR. The cubs in both enclosures are doing well and continuing to grow and chubbify.