In the Wild Enclosure

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Barley, Bourbon. and Hops Bear are having a fine time in Wild Enclosure #3. As the days go by, they continue to explore and discover new things to do. On a recent day they were hanging out at their Cubby Pool. Seems that Hops doesn’t like the full immersion experience.

The curators have filled the pool to the top! Hops has good balance, and can walk around the edge of the pool.
The cubs used the safety log and Hops walked along it.
Barley pushed Hops off of the safety log, right into the water!
Hops made a hasty exit! He doesn’t like being dumped in the water!
For his part, Barley stayed in the water, enjoying his swim. Hops wasn’t having any more of it.
Later, Curator Quanah saw a large female bear going through the ABR property. She made a lot of noise to convince the bear to move along.
The noise frightened the cubs, who clambered up a nearby tree.

It’s good to see that the cubs are reacting to strange or loud noises in the way they should, by hurrying up a tree to safety. They are being good bears!