Appalachian Bear Rescue

“Hardy” is true to his name!

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It has been five weeks since we posted about yearling cub #7 – “Hardy” who was admitted on February 3rd.  We reported that he was a very small bear, weighing only 12 pounds, and showing effects of malnutrition and dehydration.

Well, look at Hardy now!

He is gaining weight and has a much healthier appearance.  His time at ABR is working its magic, transforming a skinny little yearling into a sleek and handsome little guy.  Though he still has a good bit of growing to do before he can be released, we are sure that within a couple of months he’ll be ready to strike out on his own in the wide world.

Appalachian Bear Rescue  You can see that Hardy still likes his yogurt and feels safe within his Christmas tree hideout.


Appalachian Bear Rescue