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Thunder – the 17th yearling cub this year

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Yes, it’s true — the 17th yearling cub arrived yesterday (Saturday, March 10th) at ABR!

This means that our record for last year of 33 cubs cared for is now equalled in 2012, as Thunder makes the 33rd yearling cub in residence.

Of course, 16 of the current residents were admitted in 2011, but you must agree that this is an impressive number of little bears!

Thunder is a very small bear who, like most of the recent arrivals, weighs less than 15 pounds.  However, his coat is in good shape, and he is generally healthy.  His task now is to gain weight and he began his stay at ABR with enthusiasm as he consumed 2 pounds of yogurt and a large bunch of grapes.  He then retreated into the Christmas tree in his pen.

He’s off to a good start and soon will be introduced to a buddy.

Can you help us to purchase yogurt for Thunder and the other smallest yearling cubs? 

You can do so by visiting the Village Market IGA website where you can purchase a gift certificate in any amount that will be used to purchase yogurt and produce to feed the little bears.

Our little ones are truly “hungry as bears” and eat a lot!


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