Today’s post is thanks to Curator Tori and the Facebook Live from earlier today. We get to see all of the bears, with more time spent on the cubs. First up is Peeps, and we see her in her pen in the Cub Nursery, as she squirms and crawls around the pen. Peeps, the smallest and undoubtedly the youngest cub, is working on developing her strength. She has gained weight since her arrival, which is a good sign.

The cubs in Hartley House, Jellybean and siblings Duke and Daisy Mae, are just being encouraged to interact. The gate between their rooms has been opened for enough time for interaction. Jellybean is the instigator, trying to get the others to play, but the siblings are hesitant. It’s fun to watch.

Finally, there is a very short bit of footage outside, showing Tinsel and Twinkle, the yearlings, who will be released soon. They are doing well.

Stay tuned for the next update!