Excitement in Wild Enclosure#1

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A windstorm detached the metal sleeve from one of the trees in Wild Enclosure #1. You may recall that the sleeves have been attached to some trees to keep the cubs from climbing them. Here is a shot of the tree with sleeve attached.

Before the storm, we can see the wrapped tree.

The curators had noticed it was coming loose. Fixing it was on their list of “post-cub” chores.

After the storm, the metal sleeve was completely pulled away from the trunk. Repair needed right away!

Cubs in the enclosure were calmly minding their own business. How to get them to move? Curators Tom and Bailey entered the enclosure, which sent the cubs running for safety. Good bears!

But they went to the resting platform and stared toward the sounds they had heard, of the curators coming in. Now what?

They were much too close to the detached metal sleeve! what next?

Curator throws food over fence into another part of the enclosure.

Cubs hurry down to forage.

Curators go to take down the dangling metal sleeve. The job was completed quickly.

They decided to leave the tree sleeveless.

Excitement forgotten; cubs sleep near the now-sleeveless tree. We can be sure it won’t be long before they climb it!